Thomas’ Story


“One hit away … one drink away … I’ll be back there on the street.”

Thomas was homeless, living on the streets, sleeping under bridges, the victim of a crack cocaine addiction. He knew it wasn’t how his life was supposed to be, but he had been trying for nearly 17 years to get clean.

Finally, he found life-changing help at The Salvation Army.

“When I walked through the doors, I was ashamed of myself … ashamed I had let my family down.”

“But now I am full of joy. I love to be around my family, and they love for me to be around. Through the program, I learned how to let go of my past.”

Thomas has been clean for more than two years, and is now a supervisor in the upholstery shop at The Salvation Army. His job offers him the privilege of taking in donated goods and restoring them to new life – which is quite fitting, because the proceeds from the sale of those donated goods will, in turn, be responsible for restoring more lives like his own.