Philip’s Story


“I’m working on this real hard. And I’m getting it right this time.”

Philip was not using drugs when he came to The Salvation Army. In fact, he had been clean from his methamphetamine addiction for 11 years. But he was living in an environment where drugs were prevalent. He recognized the danger and the risk of relapse, and he sought out The Salvation Army.

“When I first walked through those doors, I thought it was just a place to stay … but now I know.”

What Philip found was that The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center rehabilitates body, mind and spirit. During his meth addiction, he once went seven days without sleeping or eating. And even while he was clean, he lived in fear. But at The Salvation Army, he finally found rest and freedom. He discovered a more meaningful way to deal with his addiction, and through the program, he discovered – for the first time – that he “had a soul.”

Today, Philip is reconnecting and reuniting with the children and grandchildren that meth took away from him. And although he knows that the day he leaves The Salvation Army will be a sad day, he is looking forward to moving into his own apartment and continuing to live “a free man.”