Larry's Real Life Story of Recovery at the Anaheim ARC

Larry’s Real Life Story of Recovery at the Anaheim ARC

"My own family didn't want me anymore".  Larry spoke about his life in chaos following 18 years of prison.  Before coming to The Salvation Army, Larry's life was destroyed by addiction to drugs and alcohol.

When a lawyer was preparing Larry for his release from prison, he had nowhere to go and his family members refused to house him. The Salvation Army’s Anaheim Adult Rehabilitation Center was there for him, at no charge, for a place to stay and build the tools for a successful life. During his time with the Anaheim ARC program, Larry has been part of a no-fee residential program rebuilding tools for living a successful and sober life.

“I prayed to God when I arrived here in April of 2013”, Larry said. “God has restored my trust. He has restored me as a man. The same family that would not have me, is now begging to visit and looks forward to being with me again when I complete this program. I will hold my grandson for the first time, who will never in his lifetime have to see me drunk, high, or incarcerated because of what this program has done for me”.

Larry considers himself transformed, and says that the Anaheim ARC of The Salvation Army program saved his life. “It worked for me, I am becoming familiar with the new man I am now, and I am grateful to have that over being familiar with the man I was before.”

Stories of recovery like Larry are supported by the in-kind donations from the public at The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers. To help people like Larry, please schedule a free donation pick-up by calling 1-800-SA-TRUCK or visit online.