Larry’s Story


“I feel like my life's going somewhere.”

Larry was just 15 years old when he started using marijuana. It was harmless, he thought, just for fun, and as he says, “Smoking weed just made me laugh.”

But things started getting worse. He began drifting away from his parents, and started going to parties where he began using cocaine and heroin.

Even his time in the Air Force couldn’t stop his downward slide. When he left the Air Force at age 21, he ventured off into harder drugs.

Finally, after a night of using, he found himself in his car outside a club as the sun rose, and he decided he’d had enough. Using a calling card that his mother had given him, he called his mom and asked if she would drive him to The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center.

Larry says he feels like the program is helping him gain confidence in himself. “You don’t have to hide anything here.”

He has reconnected with his parents, and loves playing golf with his dad, just talking and enjoying the life that he’s reclaiming.

As far as Larry’s future is concerned … “I just take every day as it’s given to me. I know today’s been a cool day. Yesterday was a good day. I’ve been sober. I’m alive. Dang … that’s cool.”