Jason’s Story


“God has a real sense of humor. He takes a dope dealer and turns him into a drug counselor.”

At age 12, Jason found out what alcohol could do for him. By 13, he started smoking pot. And at 17, he moved out and started dabbling with cocaine and methamphetamines.

His addiction became so severe, he couldn’t even get high on meth anymore. He’d mix four or five drugs together just to see if he could get a fix. And when a friend gave him an animal tranquilizer to try, he overdosed and had an out-of-body experience:

“I’m up in the air, and my body’s on the ground, going into convulsions. And my so-called friend is over there helping himself to my dope. And I thought, ‘Wow. This is what death is? This isn’t so bad.’ And all the sudden I spiraled down into what I call my own personal interpretation of hell. There was no fire, no brimstone. It was the coldest, darkest, most isolated place I’ve ever been. I was totally isolated from anything and everything except all my fears, all my anger, all my bitterness, all my regrets … everything I’d ever done wrong was piled into one spot at one time. So you just take the scaredest you’ve ever been, the saddest you’ve ever been, the maddest you’ve ever been, and put it in one place at one time, and times it by about a thousand, and that’s where I was at.”

“I heard a voice that said, ‘You have a choice: Heaven or hell. Life or death.’ And God brought me back.”

Today, Jason is not only clean and sober, but he is also a substance abuse counselor. He compares his time at The Salvation Army to Psalms 23:2 – “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters.”

Without the people who donate to The Salvation Army, Jason says, “I wouldn’t be here today.”