Charles’ Story


“The Salvation Army helped save my life.”

Charles was a gifted athlete. He excelled in high school sports and even played college football. But the focus of his time was spent on sports and partying, not on academics.

Even though he found a good job, Charles kept up the drug use he’d started during his athletic career. And eventually, a 20-year addiction to crack cocaine led to a year in prison.

“Then I heard about The Salvation Army. They took me in, no strings attached.”

Charles credits The Salvation Army with helping to save his life, and he says that the men he met there helped him learn how to be a man. “I just needed some guidance in my life, and I found it here.”

Today, Charles is an employee of The Salvation Army and a soldier in The Salvation Army church. He was just asked to sing in the church choir and gladly accepted, ready to share the joy he’s found and help others know what he has come learn: “Life is good.”