Arzell’s Story


There is a God. If He can change me, He can change anybody.

Arzell says he's thankful that his life before The Salvation Army isn't as bad as some of the stories he's heard. Which, in itself, is a terrifying thing.

Even though he was using and selling drugs, Arzell strove to do the right thing. But even that put him in harm's way. One night, while trying to break up a fight and help his injured friend, Arzell was run through with a machete by a gang member. He woke up from a coma two weeks later, realizing that he should be dead.

His father, who was a drug user himself, promised he would get clean if Arzell would get help. So Arzell went to The Salvation Army.

At first, Arzell hated the program and the structure. But now he loves it. He knew he could leave at any time, which many men did, but he told himself, “I've never completed anything in my life. I want to complete this.”

Today, he describes himself as “clean, sober and serene.” And he wants to be a soldier for The Salvation Army.

“They're more than a family … they're angels.”